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What we do


  • propagation of Polish history, tradition and culture
  • Polish maritime traditions
  • maritime knowledge

Historical activity

  • maintaining historical traditions
  • protection of national history and culture goods
  • monuments, memorials and places of remembrance

Social activity

  • integration of marine environment and people of the sea

Educational projects

  • sightseeing tours
  • excursions
  • museum workshops
  • training courses
  • seminars
  • conferences

the plan of the Imperial Shipyard in Gdańsk from 1889

(Source: State Archives in Gdańsk)


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Support our activities - you can help in many ways:

  • Purchase Fundation’s contributions intended for statutory purposes.
  • Enrich our knowledge by sharing your memories.
  • Donate exhibits, documents and archives to the foundation’s collections.
  • Participate in our meetings and events, including trips, trainings and workshops organized by the Fundation.
  • Share information about our activities on social networks and take an interest in our activities.

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Morska Fundacja Historyczna

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